Kershaw Skyline Knife Review

Kershaw Skyline Review

Carrying a pocket knife is a good proposition. It comes handy in numerous situations like opening a tin can, cutting a seal, cutting a shrub etc. The pocket knife has almost negligible weight and can be kept in any pocket.

A pocket knife is a useful instrument and can work as a tool as well as a safety equipment. While I was looking for a reliable and appropriately crafted pocket knife, I found the knife, Kershaw Skyline with G-10 Handle, which is Textured Black in color. It is a superb piece of art which is available on Amazon. So if you would like to hear more about this great pocket knife, then this review below is just for you.

Kershaw Skyline Knife with Textured Black G-10 Handle Review

Features of the Kershaw Skyline Textured Black G-10 Handle


The Knife has a durable design which makes it long lasting. The blade is corrosion resistant, and can be used in tough and rugged conditions. It has a flawlessly balanced design which cuts through sharply, quickly and precisely.

The knife is foldable and can be kept in any pocket. The knife is slim and comes with a pocket clip which can be replaced easily. But the knife does not come in a leather sheath made of genuine leather.


The Kershaw Knife is a good piece of work designed to delight. It is a sleek, slim and stylish knife which has a 3-1/8 inch long 14C28N Stainless steel blade for its hardness and razor sharp edge.

The blade comes with a “stonewashed” bead- blast finish for attractive looks. The handle of the knife is made of textured G-10 handle which gives a sturdy and stable grip. The knife is loaded with features and style which makes it a good buy.


The knife is manufactured and designed for customers’ satisfaction and comfort. The knife of Kershaw Skyline which has G-10 Handle and is Textured Black in color can be used for multiple purposes like pealing, cooking, cutting, tearing etc. It is a small pocket knife but is quite sturdy and strong.

The pocket knife comes with a lock mechanism which can be opened single handedly though either index fingers. The mechanism is designed to allow customers to keep their knife intact and use them at any time without wasting a single precious moment in emergencies.


The Knife is a reliable product which comes from the house of Kershaw. The pocket knife has a 3-1/8 inches long stainless steel blade which can be enclosed in a 4-1/4 inches long enclosure.

Overall the knife weighs 2.3 ounces and is only 7-3/8 inches long. It can be kept in a pocket. The negligible weight and slim dimensions make it convenient and handy. The knife comes with a removable pocket clip which can be replaced and reversed into tip down or tip up using a Torx screwdriver.

High Precision

This Knife is a high quality cutting instrument with a shaving sharp blade. The knife is manufactured with great precision and balance. Its precision is incomparable which has come from years of experience of being in the trade.

The dagger is a superb piece of workmanship which can be used in all types of conditions, that is, dry, wet, humid etc. The knife is as tough, sturdy and reliable even though it is only a pocket knife.


The Knife has great precision and is also tough at the same time. It does not break, or give away when used. Many knives are unable to handle the pressure. Either their blades break into two or the joint between the blade and the handle comes off. This puts, users in a tough spot. But these knives are made to handle pressure of rugged and turbid conditions. They are a work of master craftsmanship, made to satisfy their customers.

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  • Pros
  • Corrosion resistant blade.
  • Multi- purpose stylish blade.
  • Lightweight and slim.
  • Cons
  • Does not come in genuine leather sheath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the knife come in a leather sheath?

A: No, the knife doesn’t come in a genuine leather sheath.

Q: What is the weight of the knife?

A: The knife merely weighs 2.3 ounces.

Q: Is the blade corrosion resistant?

A: Yes, it is.

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Final Verdict

The Kershaw Knife with G-10 Handle, which is textured black in color is a stylish and equally sturdy equipment. The design and looks both complement each other. The good make and balanced precision makes the knife of use in all types of weathers and conditions, whether easy or turbid. Although, the knife doesn’t come in a leather sheath, it is still adequate for the price paid. On the whole, it is worth buying and is available on Amazon.


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