Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Review

Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Review


Do you do a lot of hunting, hiking, and camping? If so, there are a lot of supplies you're going to need. You're going to need essentials like a camping tent, hiking boots, and a sturdy, large backpack. You're also going to need some high-quality knives to help you out while you're out on the trail.


If you're looking for a great all-purpose knife for hunting, camping, and hiking, then the Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Kraton Handle (Secure-Ex Sheath) is for you! It's inexpensive, high-quality, and won't let you down. It has some great features that you will love.

Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Review

Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Features


Some hunting knives are really large and tend to get in the way. Or, they are too small and don't work well when trying to use them.


This knife is the perfect size--you won't have to worry about having issues when using it. Its handle is 4 and 3/4ths long, its blade length is 3 and 1/2 long, and its overall length is 8 and 1/4ths long. The perfect size!


This knife can be held easily and won't slip out of your hand thanks to its great size. You'll be sure to love using it and will love the firm grip you can have on it.



The great thing about this knife is that it can be used for so many purposes. You are not confined to one use for this knife. It can be used if you're going hiking, camping, hunting--any outdoor activity really. You can keep it in your backpack or keep it on your person to have handy.


Lots of the knives out there that you can buy are meant for specific purposes only, but this blade is very sharp and can be used to cut just about anything. You won't run into any problems with this knife.



Not only is this knife great for many purposes, but it's also reliable. You can easily use this knife in any situation and be confident in its abilities.


Lots of times, knives won't cut things and that's when you might run into a problem. It's frustrating when something you buy isn't what you thought it would be. However, with this knife, you won't have this problem! This knife is great for the outdoors because it can literally cut anything without you having to worry about it. You can have a nice relaxing hunting or camping experience with this knife.



This knife is made with high-quality materials, so you don't have to worry about it bending or breaking under pressure. This isn't some cheap knife that you can find in any store you walk into--this knife is sturdy, sharp, and remain a great tool for you no matter where you are going.



A knife like this would normally be a lot more expensive than this--this is truly a great deal! This knife is basically paying for itself, because it's going to last for a very long time. You'll have it for years to come and it will still work very well as time goes on.


Price is usually a huge deal when looking into buying hunting and hiking gear. Supplies for outdoor activities can be really expensive, which can deter people from going through with their plans. The price of this knife definitely won't discourage you from having a great time in the outdoors!


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  • Perfect size
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Great for multi-purpose use
  • Great price


  • Doesn't come in a set
  • Handle isn't made of leather

Main Features

  • Blade thickness is 3/16"
  • Handle is 4 and 3/4ths long
  • Drop-point blade style
  • Blade length is 3 and 1/2
  • Overall length is 8 and 1/4ths long

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this knife manufactured in America?

Yes it is!

Is it a fixed-blade knife?

Yes. It is not adjustable.

What material is the blade made from?

The blade is made from high-quality steel. Only the best materials were used in the making of this knife!


Final Verdict

As you can see, this knife is really great and it will help you out while you are on trips or out hunting. It's a great deal and you won't regret making the purchase! Buy one today!


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