The KA-BAR 1213 Black Bade Straight Edged Knife Review

Kabar 1213 Review

The KaBaR 1213 black bade straight edged knife is made and designed in USA and mostly used by the US marine corps for survival purpose. It is considered to have most reviews, and also top rated product in Amazon. This knife is ideal for camping, boating and also in some other uses. This amazing hunting knife is heavily constructed, and built to last.

So if you are interested in learning more about The KaBaR 1213, read the in-depth review below.

The KA-BAR 1213 Black Bade Straight Edged Knife Review

Features of the Kabar 1213

Leather-Stack Handle

The handle of the knife is well covered by a leather material, which provides an excellent grip, and balance of the knife is perfect. The leather is well made in different design, which is appealing.

The leather used is highly durable; hence it can stay for a very long period without wearing out. If well taken care of it can exist for a period of more than twenty years. The leather has a fine textured; that’s mostly appreciated by our consumers.

The Sheath

The sheath its’ bought with is not of a high quality; however, it is a whole heck of a lot more than you get with most knives. The knife requires a little amount of pressure to disengage, and be pulled out as the knife itself clicks into place in the sheath.

The sheath also has holes for straps and Para-chord that enable one to wear the knife someplace instead of your belt.

The Blade

The blade is 1095 carbon steel, and extremely hard. When it comes to sharpening, it’s not that much easy when it comes to such a unique knife. The blade is well aligned, and serrated edge as well.

Full 7’’ blade is sharpened to 20/20 degrees with buff polished edges and comes in a non-reflective all black finish.


The blade is bought when it’s sharp and ready for use, but the back is blunt. Due to its sharp nature, it can be used to perform many tasks, like security purposes, cutting of branches, etc. It can be re-sharpened when necessary with just a bit of effort.


The knife has the best weight ever a hunter might need while using it in different activities. It’s 65 lbs in weight, and this is much preferable. It’s made of light material as for example; the blade is made of light material same to the leather.

It is easy to carry from one place to another hence not hectic to handle.

Stamped USMC

The Ka-Bar are normally stamped because of the history of knife development. The stamped was introduced in WWII and has gone change of late. It stays for a long period and has been used as a blade, hammer, pry bar, and a screw driver.

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  • Pros
  • It will benefit you while skinning your trophy
  • The knife also helps you reduce the cost of buying another knife due to it’s durability
  • Simple design that will benefit you while hunting
  • It has serrated edge which will help at that time you will need to open deer’s rib cage
  • Cons
  • Harmful when warfare erupts as it can lead to loss of life to the parties involved
  • When exposed to acidic/salty water it may rust hence not efficient

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the best way to sharpen this knife?

A. By using a whet stone

Q. What is the proper way of maintaining the knife?

A. Keep it away from rust catalyst

Q. Do I feel comfortable holding this knife?

A. Yes, there are available size and styles for your comfort

What is the exactly steel of this knife? 1095 carbon-steel OR 1095 cro-van?ANS: its 1095 carbon-steel.

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Final Verdict

Any consumer looking for the best knife ever of the best quality, and top rated should come for Ka-bar 1213. Ka-Bar offers a range of high-quality military, hunting, sporting, and all-purpose utility and outdoor survival knives. The knife is sold at an affordable and cheap price to our customers/consumers.


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