Cold Steel Master Hunter Review

Choosing the right hunting knife can make or break a hunting trip. You want a blade edge that doesn’t need frequent sharpening. You want a handle and hilt configuration that are practical, durable, and lightweight. The grip needs to be comfortable, tough, and non-slip. All these considerations and more have been taken into account with the Cold Steel Master Hunter. This new design sports features that can be appreciated by hunters of every experience and skill level. There are a couple variations and blade styles for new Master Hunter Knives, but all share numerous features in common. Take a look at the premium features of this new model, and prepare to be impressed.

Cold Steel Master Hunter

Features of the Cold Steel Master Hunter

VG-1 San Mai III Blade

Master Hunter Blades are crafted with Cold Steel’s VG-1 Stainless Steel Alloy, and are tri-layered for hardness, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance. VG-1 also has a higher carbon rating (1%), and the blade is flat-ground to a razor edge. What this means to hunters is it is a strong, dependable blade that will require less sharpening and prove more reliable than just about any other blade on the market. The standard model drop-point blade makes an ideal knife for dressing game in the field without fear of breakage.

Kray-ex Grip

Designed with hunters in mind, the Master Hunter’s grip is made out of shock-absorbent Kray-ex, a slightly tacky feeling material with a deep-checkered surface. This makes for a grip that is far less likely to slip during use. No matter how wet or bloody your hands get out in the field, the Master Hunter rests securely in your grip. To top it all off, Kray-ex was specially developed not to crack, rot, splinter, shrink, mildew, and it is impervious to even the most severe weather conditions. The end result is a knife dependable in all circumstances.

Conceal-ex Sheath

Every Master Hunter knife comes with a durable and lightweight Conceal-ex sheath. Designed to fit any belt size, these sheaths not only protect your investment in your knife, but they can be worn all day without fatiguing. They are abrasion and puncture resistant, and use a strong polymer casing to protect your blade from the elements when not in use. The Master Hunter is meant to be a grab-and-go knife, and its sheath reflects that intended design in both form and function.

Guthook (Master Hunter Plus only)

For hunters who want to make short work of dressing game, the Master Hunter can also be ordered with an optional gut-hook on the reverse side of the blade. This makes the bisection of the abdomen on most game animals the work of a few short strokes as opposed to the arduous process it can be with a standard blade. The gut hook is every bit as sharp as the blade itself, and possesses all the durability and reliability of the standard Master Hunter.

Cold Steel Guarantee

Cold Steel takes great pride in their products, and they guarantee that all blade designs have been subjected to extreme stress testing. They stand behind their products 100%, and they offer a 30-day return policy on any and all products purchased from them. Their reputation as one of the best makers of blades in the world has been built on their hard work and quality. They want it to mean something when you say you own a Cold Steel product, and they are very good at making sure they uphold that reputation.


  • Lightweight (6.4 oz) and rides easily and comfortably on any belt.
  • Durable, sharp, low maintenance blade
  • Comfortable, shock absorbent, weather-proof, and non-slip grip
  • Includes heavy duty Conceal-Ex sheath that fits any belt size


  • Blade length is somewhat short for a hunting knife
  • Gut hook only available with Master Hunter Plus
  • Blade still requires cleaning after each use
  • Plain, bare-bones sheath

Highlighted Features

  • Razor Sharp, Unbelievably Durable VG-1 High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • Near-Indestructible, Non-Slip Kray-Ex Grip
  • Included Super-Durable Conceal-Ex Sheath

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the blade on this knife full-tang?

How well do these knives handle cutting bones when dressing game?

Does the knife need to be sharpened frequently?

Final Verdict

For the money, there is no better value for the modern day sportsman than the Cold Steel Master Hunter. It is well designed, stays sharp for an unbelievably long time, and has a grip that can withstand weather, blood, and wet conditions like no other knife on the market. I would recommend this knife as the first choice for anyone who wants to buy a hunting knife that will last for years to come and still work as well on its hundredth hunting trip as it did on its first. Make the smart hunter’s choice, and order your Cold Steel Master Hunter today.


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